The functions of ICMPO, as envisaged originally as part of WCRP-IITM Agreement, include the following:

ICMPO functions include planning and coordinating meetings, arranging teleconferences for the Panel Members as well as the regional working groups of the Monsoons Panel, for Asian-Australian Monsoons, African Monsoons and the American Monsoons.

Other activities of ICMPO include production of CLIVAR Exchanges newsletter, development and maintainence of the Monsoon Panel web pages at CLIVAR Website which catalogues current monsoon research initiatives, information and resource relevant for the international monsoon community. This office also dissiminates the latest CLIVAR information to Indian meteorological and oceanographic community.

Note: These functions have slightly changed in due course of time in response to the evolving circumstances, and ICMPO is currently engaged in consultations to draw up revised functional responsibilities.